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    Let the world enjoy the quiet pump

    Be the pioneer of micro-pump industry, be a centennial micro-pump brand in the world

    Core Value
    Putting customer first,  Be grateful and altruistic,  Keep improving to perfect 

    Code of Values
    Be thankful ,Be kind-hearted,Be honest,Be responsible,Be earnest
    Stay focused,Be persistent,Keep active learning,Keep innovating,Be excellent

    Enterprise Spirit
    Focus on micro-pump field, keep active learning, continuous innovation, achieving excellence

    Operation Principle
    Creating outstanding value for customer, creating both spiritual and material happiness for staff

    Service Philosophy
    Putting customer first, taking deep insight into customers’ needs, thinking beyond customer, leaving no worries for customer, delivering the values exceeds customer expectations

    Quality Concept
    Quality is life, product shows personal character, we adopt strict quality controls, to ensure the best quality of TOPSFLO each pump

    R&D Concept
    Constantly self-transcendence,  to lead the micro pump industry progress and breakthrough with innovated technologies. 

    Team Philosophy
    One mind, one goal, efficient cooperation, mission guaranteed

    Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump

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