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    • Max Flow Rate: 7L/min 9L/MIN 12L/MIN
    • Max Static Lift: 3M 5 M 8 M
    • Rated Voltage: 12V / 24V
    • mpeller Type: Closed impeller
    • Motor Type: brushless DC motor
    • Liquid Temperature: -40-105°C

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    • 12v 24V micro water pump hot water circulation pump
    ■ Overview

    Our TL-B series design features micro centrifugal pumps powered by brushless DC motors. They are designed to be cool, quiet, compact and lightweight. A variety of features, including a seal-less design to prevent leakage, wide range of working voltage, stable performance, long life time, enable the pumps to meet a full spectrum of user needs, with emphasis on ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

    Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump


    1.Advanced magnetic driving technology for static-seal, without any leakage forever
    2.Motor widely voltage designed suitable for battery power supplying with peak-low voltage damply
    3.Durable permanent magnetic rotor with one-off injection incorporated impeller in smooth balance
    4.Heavy duty work, can sustain continuous 24 hours work
    5.Special designed high efficiency closed-type impeller

    6.Sustain 100°C hot water circulation
    7.All wetted materials FDA approved to be safety usage
    8.Low or no maintenance
    9.Blocked protection

    10.Polarity protection

    12v 24V micro water pump hot water circulation pump

    The centrifugal brushless pumps are designed for general, commercial and industrial applications. Ideal for circulation pump applications. They will pump fresh water, seawater, and other liquids that are compatible with the pumps materials and that are of similar viscosity to water.

    •  Battery cooling water pump
    •  Truck air conditioning cooling
    •  Water dispenser, Water Coolers pump

    •  Carbonation, Coffee Maker, Beverage Dispenser

    •  Air-conditioner Drain  
    •  Chillers, Cooling Circulation,   

    •  Home Appliance Boosting 
    •  Evaporative coolers
    •  Liquid transfer general purpose pumping

    Usage Note:
    1.Reverse polarity is not allowed (except customized).
    2.The pump if dropped or with heavy vibration do not use.
    3.Liquid contain impurities or magnetic particles are not allowed.
    4.Liquid temperature over 80°C is not allowed (except high temperature models).
    5.Acidic or alkaline liquid is prohibited (except customized).
    ■ Specifications
    Max Flow Rate 7L/MIN ,9L/MIN 12L/MIN
    Max Static Lift 3M 5 M 8 M
    Rated Voltage 12V / 24V
    Impeller Type Closed impeller
    Motor Type brushless DC motor
    Liquid Temperature -40-105°C
    Pump Theory Centrifugal pump
    Ambient Temperature -40-40°C
    Media Pure Water
    Use Place Indoor Outdoor
    Working Voltage Range 6~18V or 12~28V
    Noise  < 40dB
    Ideal Life Time 20000 Hours
    Working Mode Continuous
    OD of Inle thread nozzles:
    OD of Outlet thread nozzles:
    Power Supply DC power supply, battery, solar powered
    Remarks Can’t dry-running, not Self-priming



    ■ Parameter

        Product Code  Max Water Flow (L/Min) Rated Voltage(DC) Rated Current (A) Max Water Head(M) Rated Power(W)
    TL-B10-B12-0905 9 12VDC 1.38 5 16.56
    TL-B10-C12-0905 9 12VDC 1.38 5 16.56
    TL-B10-C24-0905 9 24VDC 0.65 5 15.6
    TL-B10-B24-1208 12 24VDC 1.3 8 31.2
    TL-B10-C24-1208 12 24VDC 1.3 8 31.2

    1.pump itself meet: /F,food grade  
    2./H type 70℃<liquid≤100℃, not H normal type liquid≤70℃   
    3./S type can be customized, if submersible liquid should be ≤50℃   
    4./PV Powered by solar panel directly   
    5./PWM or 0~5V speed control
    ■ Curve & Dimension
    Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal water Pump

    Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump

    Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump 12V
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