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    • Max Flow Rate: 48L/MIN
    • Max Static Lift: 8M
    • Rated Voltage: 12V 24V

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    • intelligent smart toilet  pump
    ■ Overview
    Smart Toilet Water Pump Manufacturer-Bathroom automatic intelligent pump


    Strong Flushing Force, Good Siphon Effect

    Large flow, high efficiency

    Intelligent Control
    Customizable start & stop time, 5V, PWM rotor speed control, etc

    Ultra-quiet Design
    Noise 15dB lower than industry average

    Low Energy Consumption
    High-efficiency motors and rotor design, pump efficiency 30% higher than industry

    1.Smart toilet booster
    2.Liquid transfer general purpose pumping
    4.. Hot water circulating system
    5. Electronics Cooling Water Circulation Systems

    ■ Specifications
    Model     Product Code  Max Water Flow (L/Min) Rated Voltage(DC) Rated Current (A) Max Water Head(M) Rated Power(W) Speed
    C04 TL-C04-A12-4407 44 12VDC 4.5 7 54 5400
    TL-C04-A24-4808 48 24VDC 2.7 8 64.8 5860
    ■ Parameter
    ■ Curve & Dimension
     Bathroom electrical automatic intelligent smart toilet bidet pump,cleaning toilet pump

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