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    • Motor Type: Brush DC motor
    • Max flow rate: 6 L/min
    • Max pressure: 120Kpa, Max vacuum: 70Kpa
    • Ideal Life Time: 3000 Hours
    • Voltage: 6V/12V /24V
    • Working Mode: Continuous or Interrupt

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    • Mini Diaphragm Pumps
    ■ Overview
    The TM30A offer multiple component configurations allowing them to be used for either vacuum operation, pressure operation, or alternating vacuum and pressure operations.The innovative, compact design incorporates leading edge technologies that allow it to operate harder, quieter and longer, reliabler, highly efficient.

    TM30A-A pumps can be mounted in any position and can deliver up to 6 l/min depending on the model and will operate against pressures of up to 120Kpa.

    1.Highest Performance/Size Ratio
    Innovative and efficient engineering designs enable the TM30A Series to push the performance envelope in a lightweight, compact size.
    2.Performs Quieter
    Optimized head, chamber, and flow path reduce noise without compromising performance.
    3.Lasts Reliably Longer
    Using the advanced diaphragm elastomer and superior brushless motor design sets the highest benchmark for service-free operation that exceeds 10,000 hours.
    4.Uncontaminated flow
    no contamination of the media due to oil-free operation
    5.Little vibration
    Because of leading edge technologies, top quality bearing, superior brushless motor
    6.High level of gas tightness
    Thanks to stress-optimised structured diaphragm, newly-designed valves and sealing systems, precise placement of the pump head
    7.Extreme chemical resistance
    The use of chemically resistant materials optional such as FFPM, PTFE, FPM or other material combinations for the parts which allows the corrosive gas to be pumped.
    8.Optimal solution for your application
    A wide standard range of materials, motors , voltages configurates multiple components system selected

    Wetted material options:
    1.Optional membrane materials:
    EPDM for normal air
    PTFE for corrosive air,like acid, alkali air, ozone etc.

    2.Optional valve materials:
    EPDM for normal air
    FPM for corrosive air, like acid, alkali, ozone,etc.

    The model code is identical to the order number,it is made up as follows:
    A Motor- Premium duty brush DC motor, lifetime 3,000hours
    (Note: other lifetime choices also available: B Motor -1500hours normal brushed; C or D Motor- 15000hours coreless brushless; H Motor- 10000 brushless.)

    The versatility of TOPSFLO pumps allows a wide field of applications to be covered. Over many years our pumps have proved themselves in the following areas:
    Industrial pressure and vacuum applications
    Portable Analytical Instruments
    Medical Diagnostic Equipment
    Air Quality Sampling Monitors
    Respiration Monitors
    Gas or Odor Leak Detectors

    ■ Specifications
    1 Motor Type Brush DC motor
    2 Max flow rate 6L/min
    3 Max pressure 120Kpa, Max vacuum: 70Kpa
    4 Ideal Life Time 3000 Hours
    5 Voltage 6V/12V /24V
    6 Working Mode Continuous or Interrupt
    7 Functions Can dry-running, Self-priming
    8 Pump Theory Diaphragm pump
    9 Ambient Temperature 41 to 158 F(5 to 70C)
    10 Use Place Indoor
    11 Media: Most Gases
    12 Noise Class form 1M 50dB /Max
    13 Inlet OD 4.8mm/ID 2.6mm
    14 Outlet OD 4.8mm/ID 2.6mm
    15 Hose suggestion: ID 4.0mm
    16 Dimension 80mm*31mm*58mm
    17 Weight 220 g
    18 Materials pump head Nylon membrane EPDM / PTFE valve EPDM / FPM
    ■ Parameter
    Model   Pressure Pump Vacuum Pump Rated Voltage No-load Current Max Pressure Max Vacuum Max Flow
    (Item Number) (Item Number) (Vdc) (A) (KPa) (KPa) (L/min)
    TM30A-A TM30A-A12-P12006 TM30A-A12-V7006 6 /12 / 24 0.4/0.24/0.15 120 -70 6
    ■ Curve & Dimension



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