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    • Voltage: 12v or 24v
    • Max pressure: 380kpa
    • flow: 17L/min

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    • High Performance Diaphragm Air Pump/Vacuum Pump
    ■ Overview

    1.Highest Performance/Size Ratio
    2.Performs Quieter
    3.Lasts Reliably Longer
    4.Uncontaminated flow
    5.Little vibration
    6.High level of gas tightness
    7.Optimal solution for your application
    A wide standard range of materials, motors , voltages configurates multiple components system selected


    Vacuum packaging Vacuum preservation
    Industrial pressure and vacuum applications
    Portable Analytical Instruments
    Beauty equipment 
    Medical ventilator
    Medical Diagnostic Equipment
    Air Quality Sampling Monitors
    Respiration Monitors
    Gas or Odor Leak Detectors
    ■ Specifications
     diaphragm pump
    ■ Parameter
    ■ Curve & Dimension
     diaphragm pump
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