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    Beer Brewing Pump TD5

    • Max Flow Rate:: 25L
    • Max Static Lift: 5M

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    • Beer brewing Micro DC pump
    ■ Overview
     BLDC micro SS home brewing pump

    beer brewing pump
    Food-grade, Safer and More Reliable
    Global selection of high quality raw materials, all wetting parts approved by FDA
    Easy Cleaning
    Special design, easy cleaning, anti-clogging
    Intelligent Speed Regulation
    5V, PWM speed regulation can be customized
    Ultra-quiet Design
    Noise 5dB lower than industry average

    More Features:

    ● With food grade stainless steel, very safe and reliable
    ● Advanced magnetic driving technology for staticseal,without any leakage forever
    ● High temperature resistant,can continuous circulate 110ºC(230F) hot water Material is high temperature 150ºC resistant,Material is flame resistant
    ● High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime 20,000hours
    ● Durable permanent magnetic rotor with one-off injection incorporated impeller in smooth balance
    ● Heavy duty work,can sustain continuous 24hours work
    ● Over-voltage protection, over-current protection
    ● Specialized structure design , Easy to cleaning
    ● Sustain 110℃ hot water circulation
    ● High effeciency, max flow rate up to 25LPM / 6.4GPM & head 5M /19FT
    ● Good heat releasing, less temperature rise
    ● Advanced magnetic driven technology, no leak forever
    ● Blocked-Protection protection,Polarity Protection, Over-voltage protection
    ● Low or no maintenance

    beer brewing pump

    Home Beer Brewing
    Hot Water Circulation
    Beverage Dispenser
    General Liquid Transfer

    ■ Specifications
    Model     Product Code  Max Water Flow (L/Min) Rated Voltage(DC) Rated Current (A) Max Water Head(M) Rated Power(W)
    TD5 TD5-A12-2303 23±15% 12V 1.9A±15% 3±0.7M 22.8W
    TD5-A24-2505 25±15% 24V 1.2A±15% 4.5±1M 28.8W

    (World-famous MEAN WELL adaptor if supplied a whole set by TOPSFLO  )beer brewing pump
    ■ Parameter
    ■ Curve & Dimension

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